Animal Health

The Business Unit Animal Health at Bayer is a global leader in animal health. We support the health of animals, as well as the farmers, veterinarians and the pet owners that care for them through our offering of innovative therapies and solutions. Responsible relationships between humans, companion animals, as well as farm animals mean taking care of their health and well-being.

  • Advocate® – the broadest spectrum protection against internal and external parasites
  • Advantix® – repels and kills ticks, reducing the risk of CVBD
  • Advantage® – a spot on treatment for cats and dogs, for fast and efficient flea control
  • Baycox® – anticoccidial products for poultry, cattle, sheep and pigs
  • Bayticol® – a pour-on cattle tickecide
  • Baytril®– broad spectrum antimicrobial
  • Drontal® – the only wormer that kills every type of intestinal worm commonly found in Irish cats and dogs
  • Hyonate®- used for the treatment of non-infectious arthritis in horses
  • Profender® – a complete broad-spectrum spot-on wormer for cats
  • Renalzin®– food additive renal protection for cats through phosphate binding
  • Veraflox® - next-generation veterinary fluoroquinolone for treating infections in dogs and cats