Products for the Health of Humans, Animals and Plants

Bayer’s broad product portfolio includes many world-famous brands which have shaped the iconic Bayer brand. With our products, we are contributing to finding solutions to some of the major challenges of our time. The growing and increasingly aging world population requires improved medical care and an adequate supply of food. Bayer is improving peo­ple’s quality of life by preventing, alleviating and curing diseases. And we are helping to provide a reliable supply of high-quality food, feed and plant-based raw materials.



The Pharmaceuticals product portfolio focuses on:


  • Prescription products, especially for cardiology and women’s healthcare 
  • Specialty therapeutics in the areas of oncology, hematology and ophthalmology
  • Radiology: contrast-enhanced diagnostic imaging equipment and the necessary contrast agents

Consumer Health

The Consumer Health product portfolio contains mainly non-prescription products in the following categories:


  • analgesics
  • allergy
  • gastrointestinals
  • medicated skin care
  • nutritionals  

Crop Science

Crop Science’s product portfolio focuses on:


  • high-value seeds 
  • innovative chemical and biological pest management solutions
  • extensive customer service for modern and sustainable agriculture
  • non-agricultural applications, with a broad portfolio of pest control products and services for areas ranging from the home and garden sector to forestry

Animal Health

Animal Health offers products for:


  • companion animals
  • farm animals